Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Selecting Prints for outfit 4

Although I completed quite a few samples for outfit number 4, these two colour ways were the only two I considered to be successful. I am instantly drawn to the first colour way, I think it is feminine and the colour pink is very vibrant. I was considering choosing the second option as so far I have only printed onto light coloured backgrounds so it would be nice to have a light print printed onto a dark background to show variety. However when viewing them all together here I feel the second option would be too much and would loose it's beauty.

To make certain I was choosing the correct colour way I lined up my samples with the three I have already made and feel it fits in really well. For this design I have decided to keep the waistband and cuffs print free as the main print is fairly "busy" and I feel the colour compliments the print. Time to get printing!


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