Thursday, 29 April 2010

Printing outfit 3

I am extremely pleased with my progress within the final major project and the printed quality of my work. Everything seems to be coming together now and no problems are being had when printing. I am very grateful that things went wrong at the beginning of the project as it allowed me to realise where I could make improvements and work on my time management, allowing the most important stage of the project to run smoothly. I printed my third outfit today with no problems or errors and am very pleased with it's outcome. This outfit is slightly different to the other two, mixing printing techniques with foiling. Already I cannot wait to print the next outfit!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Deciding on a colour way for outfit 3

I selected down my favourite samples for outfit 3 and as previously done, pinned them to the mannequin in order to find the most suitable colour way. As you can see I had many options, however my favourite colour way was the second row...dyed blue fabric with magenta print and turquoise foiled waistband and cuffs. I think my collection is really starting to come together and I cannot wait to see the final line up. I am really enjoying what I am doing and feel sad the degree is coming to end, but excited for what the future may bring.



This is the photo from the David Lam photo shoot. I am soooo pleased with the image. At first I was surprised at how dark the background was...but think it is amazing how he has used light to high light the print on the garment. I think this photo really sets the mood of my brief. Thank you to everyone involved in the photo shoot for capturing the mood so well and providing me with a stunning photo.

If you haven't already check out his amazing work on his website

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sampling continued....

My wall space at uni - samples for all outfits

I have been unable to continue printing outfits for the time being as I am waiting for my designs to be printed out the size of my screen ready to be exposed. Therefore I thought I would not waste any time and continue sampling for the last three outfits. I completed a large quantity of samples in order to find the most suitable colour way. I will now need to ensure I spend a good amount of time selecting down the prints so the most suitable colour way is chosen. To add variety too my collection I completed a few foiled samples, however this was not successful as it made the Georgette too stiff and tacky.

Sampling process. The samples are very colourful

Samples for outfit 4 - all over print

Samples for outfit 5 - large placement print

Samples for outfit 6 - large placement prints

Friday, 23 April 2010

Outfit 2 made!

This is the second outfit constructed...I LOVE it!! I think the print is really pretty and delicate and is high lighted by the vibrant colours used. Before I had printed and made this outfit I was having second thoughts about how well my collection would look against the digitally printed collections...but my doubts have now been put right....theres an effect in their which I could not have recreated in digital. I absolutely love how it has the hand printed look...this is definitely my favourite piece!


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Printing second outfit

I have had a successful couple of days printing, and am very pleased with the results. It has taken two whole solid days of printing to print this outfit due to printing in different colour ways and having to re align the prints. After recovering the print table it has made the printing easier and less problematic. The pictures here show the progress of print at different stages, once the fabric pieces have been steamed and washed the colour of the prints will change, so the orange will be bright, the yellow paler and the purple will be pink. This is my favourite print so far so am pleased it has printed well.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Choosing print for outfit 2

I was certain on the design for the next print and happy with the print quality of the samples...but was uncertain of the colourway to produce the final outfit in. After spending time pinning the samples to a mannequin and my toile I came to the decision to print the last photos colour way. I think this will add variety to my collection and show that I am capable of printing in more then one colour. I think it will be a successful colour way but know it will take a lot longer to print then the other's my final collection so I am prepared to spend extra time on it...cannot wait to see the finished result!


Alternative Fashion Week

The second years are currently completing a project for alternative fashion the studio is buzzing with excitement. They have had to design and make an outfit to be shown on the catwalk at London's Spitalfield Market during Alternative Fashion week. Fabric has been supplied to them and they have had about six weeks to turn it into an amazing printed and constructed alternative outfit. It made me think back to last year when we were designing and making for alternative fashion was such an exciting project and a great experience to be a part of. The brief was called 'Grandad we love you'...the challenge was not only to make an innovative and alternative outfit but to also convince a 60+ male to model our collection and feel great in it on the catwalk. My construction was inspired by the teddy boy period which was influenced by my model and my prints were inspired by age spots which I developed into a leopard style print design. Here are some photos from our day.

Designs for the project - Copyright


All the fabrics for the outfit were donated to the course for this project. My trousers were made from a blanket material and printed in foil. The shirt was patterned cotton which I dyed brown and grey to age it...and finally the coat was made from a thick foam fabric with leather cuffs and collar and flock print detail. I loved this project and it's outfit and think my model did a great job modelling...he really looked the part.

To view the days highlights go to

Monday, 19 April 2010

Print Disaster...but valuable lesson learnt!

I was faced with a print dilemma today...which in effect cancelled out my entire day of printing! The print tables in the studio are covered in lumps of ink and glue residue from previously being printed on, as they have not been recovered I have been pinning my fabric pieces to paper and removing as soon as the piece has been printed. I am using Georgette fabric so the ink soaks into the underneath paper and if the fabric is not moved in time it creates a shadow print on the printed piece. I am printing in three different colors so could not risk leaving the fabric on the same piece of unpinned the fabric..left it to dry and re pinned it...simple enough. The only problem with this was it was impossible to realign the prints. The only solution would be pinning the fabric directly to the table and leaving it pinned until it is all printed. So my afternoon was spent recovering the print table. Although I have wasted a day of printing and a lot of fabric I have not only learnt a valuable lesson in print I have also gained access to a print table at all times...the good out way's the bad!

Thursday, 8 April 2010


I am still buzzing from the photo shoot. David Lam is an amazing photographer and sooooo inspiring to be around. Mac did an amazing job with the make up and my model Hannah was fantastic and looked amazing in the outfit, the colour of her hair really complimented the print. We started off with the look I showed him a couple of weeks ago...but decided to ditch the sun glassses and pose, instead playing around a a bit with poses. As my fabric was sheer and see through David liked the idea of showing its sheerness by shining light through the fabric, after playing around with the light settings we created the perfect lighting to show case my print. I am not sure when I will get the final photo back...but one thing for sure is that I am very excited about it.

David Lam, the Mac team and my lovely model did a great job guys, THANK YOU

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Props for Photo shoot

I found these wedges in the red herring section in Debenhams department store today and think they would be perfect for the photo shoot...they look great up against my outfit and are high enough to make the legs appear longer. I also bought the sun hat, sun glasses and red bikini (to go underneath my outfit). It was difficult trying to find a suitable bikini as not many shops have beach wear stocked yet...however I found one in the end and I think it will look great underneath the garment. Now I have the accessories and props I am counting down the days till the big day.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

First outfit finished!!

Here is my first outfit finished for the photo shoot. I am not as keen on the colour way as the colours did not quite come out as expected...although I think this adds to the beauty of hand printed designs. I am extremely pleased with the shape of the garment and have made the decision to keep my collection the same shape through out so that it is just my prints that stand out. Now I have finally finished my first outfit I am very excited for the photo shoot. My model has beautiful red hair so this outfit will really stand out on her and the hair will compliment the colours used. Cannot wait!!