Thursday, 25 February 2010

It's a first for Semester One!!!

I am over the moon with the grades for my Indigo Project...74% which is a FIRST!! I was given very positive feed back and have taken on board everything which has been advised, such as being more experimental when sampling and bringing more colours into my final pieces. I had already considered this before the feed back meeting so feel confident about the final major project. Overall a great day!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Nancy Rose Taplin visits Colchester School of Art

Nancy Rose
Taplin, a former student of Colchester School of Art came in today to talk to the third years about her experience as a final year fashion and textile student, what she did next and her current career plans. Although a little daunting it was extremely informative and inspiring. She stressed the importance of the third year and how important it is to stay focused and how the competitions she entered has gained her many contacts within the industry. I was fortunate enough to talk to her afterwards where she had a look through my sketch book and gave me constructive criticism, offering me advice on how I could develop ideas further and how I could make the most of my talent. This was really helpful and boosted my confidence and motivation. The advice I took on board the most was to not panic and stay true to yourself.

You can view her beautiful designs by going to her website

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Inspiration in Paris

Whilst not working on the stand at Indigo I took the time to go sight seeing, viewing the beautiful sights of Paris. For me the architectural sights stood out and inspired me greatly. The immense details on buildings such as Notre Darme was breath taking. I was so inspired that I have decided to draw from photographs of these sights to develop into supporting prints to accompany my floral designs. As i will mainly be drawing from detailed sections they will probably turn into geometric style designs.

The beautiful Notre Darme

Monday, 15 February 2010

Colchester School of Art at Indigo, Paris

Working on the stand at Indigo was a great experience and for me confirmed this would be my ideal job; to work for a studio designing and producing samples to be sold at international trades fairs. It was a great feeling to see people looking through my samples with interest, knowing that they obviously had an eye catching effect. Although I was not fortunate enough to sell any samples I did gain contacts through the experience and gained an insight to the types of designs buyers are interested in. There was great feed back for Colchester School of Art also as I was told that the stand this year was looking more professional and polished with the samples being more developed and finished more this year. Over all a great experience!!

Colchester School of Art's stand at indigo international tradesfair