Thursday, 12 November 2009

Selection of Finalised Print ideas

These are a selection of my finalised print designs which are ready to be exposed onto screens and printed onto fabric. I will sample with them before I decide on there final placements. The top two rows are prints which will go together, they are background all over prints which will accompany the placement prints. I have taken on board all advice given by Studio G and feel they have been full stylized and developed.


Thursday, 5 November 2009

STUDIO G visits Colchester School of Art

Studio G visited our studio today to give us a talk on how they work as a studio, what their job entails and also presented us with a variety of previous collections they have taken to professional trades fairs such as indigo in Paris and New York. The quality of work was amazing and extremely inspiring. We were shown some mood boards they have created for previous and current projects alongside the final collections. It appeared that when searching for inspiration they mainly look towards the catwalk trends.

We have been provided the opportunity to design a collection for them to take along when exhibiting in New York. Their designs are aimed at the high street so the designs produced will need to fit in with their brief and be commercial enough to exhibit under their studio. I am really excited about this opportunity however am a little concerned as they specialise in photo shop instead of hand printing methods.

This talk lead me to realise this is a pathway I could see myself following. I was fortunate enough to show them the work produced so far for our Indigo project and get some helpful feedback. They were impressed with my quality of drawings and how I had developed them further, they also gave me some useful tips on how to develop them, suggesting I continue to stylize my designs and create background prints using elements from within the design.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Developing Design ideas

These are my developed print design ideas. I scanned areas of my drawings into photo shop and began experimenting with repeat methods to come up with a print idea. After I had printed them I began stylizing by hand adding stripes and dots.