Monday, 19 April 2010

Print Disaster...but valuable lesson learnt!

I was faced with a print dilemma today...which in effect cancelled out my entire day of printing! The print tables in the studio are covered in lumps of ink and glue residue from previously being printed on, as they have not been recovered I have been pinning my fabric pieces to paper and removing as soon as the piece has been printed. I am using Georgette fabric so the ink soaks into the underneath paper and if the fabric is not moved in time it creates a shadow print on the printed piece. I am printing in three different colors so could not risk leaving the fabric on the same piece of unpinned the fabric..left it to dry and re pinned it...simple enough. The only problem with this was it was impossible to realign the prints. The only solution would be pinning the fabric directly to the table and leaving it pinned until it is all printed. So my afternoon was spent recovering the print table. Although I have wasted a day of printing and a lot of fabric I have not only learnt a valuable lesson in print I have also gained access to a print table at all times...the good out way's the bad!

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