Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sampling continued....

My wall space at uni - samples for all outfits

I have been unable to continue printing outfits for the time being as I am waiting for my designs to be printed out the size of my screen ready to be exposed. Therefore I thought I would not waste any time and continue sampling for the last three outfits. I completed a large quantity of samples in order to find the most suitable colour way. I will now need to ensure I spend a good amount of time selecting down the prints so the most suitable colour way is chosen. To add variety too my collection I completed a few foiled samples, however this was not successful as it made the Georgette too stiff and tacky.

Sampling process. The samples are very colourful

Samples for outfit 4 - all over print

Samples for outfit 5 - large placement print

Samples for outfit 6 - large placement prints

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