Thursday, 13 May 2010

Printing outfit 5

Today I printed outfit 5. Initially as it was a placement print design I thought it would be the easiest of all the outfits to print. I couldn't have been more wrong. I hadn't really designed these last two garments well...leaving it till the day of printing to decide on where the placement of the print would be. Originally I was going to have a large placement print on the front of the garment leaving the rest of the pattern pieces plain. However when comparing them to the other designs within the collection I felt they may look a little odd. So I went a little free style, for the front panels I kept my original idea just printing the one placement. For the sleeves I alternated the size of the placements and created a design which will grow up the sleeve of the garment. When it came to printing the back panels I was a little unsure of where to print...I decided on placing the screen in random places and printing scattered prints. They look fairly good flat, however I will not be able to see how successful they are until constructed. Time will tell how successful this outfit will be. Below are photo's of the printing stages.

Copyright Front Panel
Copyright Sleeve print
Copyright back panel
Copyright Printed Pattern Pieces

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