Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Selecting colour ways for outfits 5 and 6

I have approached selecting colour ways for my final two prints different than previously. Before I was pinning a variety of samples to the manequin, photographing them then selecting from contact sheets the suitable colour choice. However as these last two prints are going to be just placement prints, most of the fabric on show will be plain. There fore it is essential I select a colour way which fits with the rest of the collection. Also as the print on these outfits is to a minimum I am going to have a fairly busy waistband print which will hopefully enhance the detail within the placement print and highlight the dyed fabric. I am beginning to get anxious about getting this collection finished so that I can get on with portfolio work, but am enjoying the processes so much that I do not want to rush this stage. I am going to be so lost when this course finises so it is essential I begin setting up work placements. Everything is starting to get a little scary now as reality sinks in...I have 2 weeks left of being a student!!!! aaaah!!!

Copyright Selecting print for outfit 5

Copyright Selecting print colour way for outfit 6

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