Thursday, 4 March 2010

Developing a colour story

When beginning my final major project, I thought it was a good idea to collate all images that inspired me and create a mini book of inspiration. This included images of flowers I could form botanical drawings from as well as researching colour and catwalk inspiration etc. Instead of beginning the project in a sketch book, I created a mini look book of what I believed my project to be all about. It is from this book that I have started to developed my colour story. As seen on the photos below you can see how I have generated colour ideas through completing observational studies through painting what I saw or extending photo's off the page. This was a good way to generate colours as it involved a lot of colour mixing to create the correct colours seen in the photo. Through doing this it gave a strong indication of the colours I responded to and what I felt would make a good colour palette for my final collection. As my collection is a spring/summer theme I need the colours to reflect the season. At the bottom is a chart of colours I have created using photoshop pantone colours in an attempt to find the perfect colour story.

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