Friday, 9 October 2009

Inspiration from summer brief 'Pleasure Gardens"

Over the summer break we were set a small brief called 'Pleasure Gardens' I was inspired by many elements of the concept yet was more influenced by the architecture. I completed some detailed drawings of 18th Century Pleasure Garden buildings such as Orchestra Houses, which I feel I could bring into the current project. They are extremely detailed and feel I could eliminate areas of the drawing to create patterned print designs or supporting background prints. To develop the drawings further I decided to make them slightly more contemporary by cutting extracts of the drawing's out and placing imagery from SHOW studios exhibition in the spaces.
Some of them looked fairly effective, however I felt it was a little too much with all the detail.
The first image on the right is my favourite of all the mixed media development I did. There is not as much detail on this drawing as the other two. I think the bright colours from the photograph enhances the black and white drawing but feel the concept of detail is eliminated. I will not completely rule this idea out, possible ideas include scanning it into photo shop and manipulating it, possibly changing the lines of the drawing to match the colours of the photo is an idea to consider.

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