Sunday, 11 October 2009

Colour Palette influences

I was fairly inspired by the array of vibrant colours on display at the SHOW studio exhibition. Although the colours are not what you would expect to be spring/summer the brightness of the pinks, oranges and yellow against the black back ground could be effective with the designs I produce. Also when researching catwalk trends there are a number of catwalk designers who have used a lot of black with bright colours such as Basso and Brooke and Mary Katranzou. I also looked at butterfly's which had been set up on the inspirational wall in the studio. When observing closely they have exquisite blends of colour on their wings, I was particularly drawn to the variation of pinks and oranges which I could combine with the influenced colours viewed at SHOW studio. I have considered using screen printing as my method of printing and would like to attempt discharge printing onto black fabric and then reprinting with bright acid dye over the top.

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